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donkey meaning, definition, what is donkey: an animal like a small horse with long ears. Learn more. Define donkey: an animal that is like a small horse with large ears — donkey in a sentence. Donkey definition, the domestic ass, Equus asinus. See more. ‎ Donkey engine · ‎ Donkey dick · ‎ Donkey derby · ‎ Donkey jacket.


Tingalayo Donkey Song In 3D Expressing sympathy July 12, Some suggest that a donkey needs to be fed only straw preferably barley strawsupplemented with controlled define donkey in the summer or hay in the winter, [58] to get all the energy, protein, fat and vitamins it requires; others recommend some grain to be fed, particularly to working animals, [5] and others free slots king kong cash against feeding straw. Volume 4 of Handbooks for the study of Sanskrit. In keeping with their widespread cultural references, donkeys feature in political systems, symbols and terminology in many areas of the world. Donkeys were featured in literature during the 20th century, including in George Orwell 's Animal Farmwhere Benjamin the donkey is portrayed as resilient and loyal. define donkey